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Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to attend the school. Most workshops are designed to cater for art practitioners at all skill levels (see Skill Levels), however some workshops are restricted to specific levels. Each workshop clearly notes the level restrictions.

When looking through the extensive range of workshops on offer please ensure you read the outline of the activities you are likely to undertake and the tutor biography to ensure your selection best suits your expectations for the week. We ask that you choose 3 workshops in case your first choice is oversubscribed or cancelled for a particular reason.
There is a switching fee applicable if you happen to change your mind with a workshop, this covers the administrative time to change over a registration, so please choose carefully. If you are switched to your 2nd or 3rd preference due to a cancellation by The Art Scene no switching fee is applied.
The workshops at ASMSA are conducted over one week which allows for intensive skill development and we do not allow participants to swap and change over during the course of the week.



Each workshop caters to a specific level with many of the workshops catering for multi skill levels
Beginner is a participant who is new to the medium or may have little or no experience in the medium. 
Intermediate describes someone who has some experience with the medium but looking to learn new techniques and try new materials
Advanced participant describes someone who has been practicing the medium for an extended period of time and is confident with
techniques and materials


Participants at the School are welcome to stay on campus in student residences where accommodation and all meals are provided for. All rooms are furnished single, student-style rooms with a shared bathroom, kitchen and common rooms. All linen and towels are provided for the week. Participants who have special needs or wish to be placed close to a friend or book in a group may request this in writing at the time of enrolment. Rooms will not be serviced, until you vacate on Saturday by 10am.
No Smoking is allowed in any building on the University Campus, including residential cottages. Accommodation is limited and participants are advised to enrol and book early to ensure a place for this style of accommodation.

If you contact the visitor information centre (see above) they will be able to provide full listings of all types of accommodation in the Bathurst region.


Meals are cafeteria style with several choices available each day, ranging from hot dishes to salads prepared by the University catering staff. There are always several choices available, making it possible to avoid unsuitable foods that don’t suit your diet. While every effort will be made to cater for special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten free, and low fat dairy etc we cannot supply particular brands or accommodate very specialised requests such as rice and goats milk, soy cheese etc or
cater for allergies (eg peanut cooking oil) If you find that you have noted a special diet on your enrolment form and the kitchen doesn't provide you a reasonable variety each day then mention it to your programme coordinator and with your help we will endeavour to liaise with the kitchen manager to satisfy your request. (DO NOT APPROACH THE KITCHEN STAFF YOURSELF)
Participants taking the accommodation option are fully catered for with breakfast, lunch and dinner being supplied along with morning and afternoon tea. Non residential participants are supplied with lunch, morning and afternoon tea each day of the program.


Participants are required to supply their own art materials for their chosen workshop. A detailed list of materials is provided on final class confirmation. The Art Scene will have an on-campus art supplies retail outlet set up during the week. Materials may be ordered in advance and collected during the School. The Art Scene also have easels for hire for the convenience of participants travelling to the School. Please note that there will be no easels supplied in class rooms so students will need to either hire one from
The Art Scene or bring their own. Classes that require models have an extra fee that is payable to the tutor. 


Partners or friends who may wish to attend the School without enrolling in a workshop may attend by paying an accommodation/meals only fee. Note: all accommodation on University campuses are single rooms, we can not cater for double or twin rooms.


Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangement to and from Bathurst.
* PLEASE NOTE - The university bus that used to pick up from the station is no longer available.


Switching Fee - This covers the administrative activity and cost of switching workshops, which involves the re-issuing of new materials list and advices, new participant list for both the new and old workshops, new information for the tutors and relocation of catering when it involves the more remote classes etc. This fee is non refundable. Participants wishing to switch workshops may do so at any time up until 3 weeks prior to School commencement. This request must be received in writing.
Model Fee - This fee covers expenses incurred in providing a professional life or portrait model for any workshop. All workshops that attract this fee will be noted in the workshop description.

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