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Jane is an award winning watercolour artist and a passionate teacher. She is a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute and a member of the education committee for the Urban Sketchers organisation. She has a passion for sketching in line and colour that goes back over 40 years. In this workshop she will demonstrate tools and techniques to help you to gain confidence in sketching from life, whether for travel, urban sketching, botanical studies or just for fun. We’ll explore different sorts of pencils, pens and inks, create the perfect sketching watercolour palette, look at layouts and lettering and discover many ways to make wonderful sketchbook pages to create indelible memories of your travels and experiences. As it is cold in July, only some sessions will be held en plein air, most will be in the studio space, however appropriate clothing for outdoor sketching is important.. The workshop will include personalised palette consultations and is suitable for beginners or those with more experience.

Jane Blundell has been painting in watercolour for over 35 years and is a professional artist and teacher and a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute. She is a passionate sketcher and while she works in all mediums, her favourite is watercolour. She paints anything – urban landscapes, flowers, rocks, people, still life, whatever – usually from life. Her understanding of colour and pigments is based on years of personal research and exploration, and can be seen on her website and Blog and in her two self-published books: Watercolour Mixing Charts and The Ultimate Mixing Palette: a World of Colour, both available through - -
Instagram: Janeblundellart - Facebook: Jane Blundell Artist

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