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Join Joe Penn in “Penncilmania” and be ready to draw, draw, draw; using charcoal, pencils, pens, pastels and watercolour. Students will be shown how to create a drawing by watching Joe’s demonstrations where he will show the importance of composition, perspective, tone and the line. Be entertained by stories, jokes and if not careful, learn heaps!

Joe is a passionate drawer of the “old school” and firmly believes drawing is the basis of good art and provides students with the tools to create works of art in their own unique visual style.

Joe is a Fellow and Life Member of the Royal Art Society. He has exhibited Australia wide and overseas as well as having been hung twice in the Archibald Salon de Refuse. Joe is a popular judge and demonstrator and has tutored at the Art School of the Royal Art Society for over 10 years.

Joe is a sought after tutor, judge demonstrator of many years’ experience. His training as a commercial artist at East Sydney Tech; now National Art School, and career running a mobile art gallery, provides him with a wealth of knowledge to pass onto his students. Joe has been painting full time since 1984, working in a variety of mediums. Although he is well known for his Impressionistic oils of landscapes, portraits and figures, Joe is passionate about developing the ability to draw. This comes from being a student of Lloyd Rees back in the 1960’s. A fellow of the Royal Art Society, Joe has had numerous solo exhibitions, as well as being exhibited in Cromwell’s Art Prize 2004, the Archibald Salon de Refuses 2002 and 2008. He is also twice winner of the Landscape Prize in the North Sydney Art Prize and was on the teaching staff at the Royal Art Society of N.S.W. for over 10 years. He is also a regular tutor at the Mitchel School of Art, held every 6months, at Sturt University, Bathurst.

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