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Come get colourful! (Age range 16 to 160, some drawing experience advised but beginners are most welcome –Beginner to advanced students)


Take your drawings even further into the world of colour and graphite pencil! Colour pencils have often been associated with childhood, but since the early 20th century artist-quality colour pencils have been produced that turned a child’s toy into a serious medium for artists. Linda will teach you how master layering colours over and on top of one another to create colour pencil paintings of a rich and luminous depth. Texture, reflection, form and composition and all your colour pencil questions will be answered in this workshop as well as basic colour theory. Learn the difference between wax/oil pencils and watercolour pencils, how to layer, blend, create texture, wash or not, how to include graphite, which paper to use when, as well as all the basic techniques you need to get the most out of your graphite or colour pencil. You will enjoy step-by-step guidance, and the best part is that these techniques can be learned by anyone – no matter your current skill level!

Subjects this year will include: ‘Glass’ in waxed/standard colour pencil or graphite pencil, ‘Botanical’ in Aquarelle colour pencils, ‘Landscape’ in graphitint and graphite pencil, and an animal subject using colour pencils on coloured paper.

Linda Weil is a professional artist with over 40 years’ experience specialising in drawing Australian wildlife, botanical and nature studies in graphite and colour pencil. She has worked as a professional illustrator for national magazines as well as teaching and exhibiting her drawings in a variety of galleries and exhibitions throughout Australia. Her engaging and detailed drawings of animals, pets, wildlife, botanical and nature studies have won numerous awards. Linda has authored / illustrated ‘How to Draw Lifelike Animals’ and co-authored ‘The Art of Drawing Animals for the well-known international art publisher, Walter Foster. She has been commissioned to produce work for Derwent pencils and her drawings can found on the latest packaging for a variety of different Derwent products. Her drawings have been featured in the 2016, 17, 18, and 2019 Australian Geographic Art calendar. Linda teaches regular drawing classes locally in Victoria and workshops interstate.


A full resume, list of awards, as well as examples of her work can be viewed at: or current works/works in progress on her blog:

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