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This well-structured workshop will emphasize the unique qualities of this vital medium ,and will emphasise the important steps of achieving success on location ,as well as in the studio!  We will learn how to use wet- in-wet underpainting to enhance luminosity and vitality!      From concept, design, and recommended drawing methods,  participants will be introduced to a variety of ways of achieving aesthetically pleasing qualities to their work., whilst pursuing the all important’ Big Picture.’ Appropriate demonstrations will feature various aspects of the  landscape with  man –made objects, buildings, figures, boats etc[.as  shapes in context], with an emphasis of light on the subject. We aim to complete at least Three watercolour paintings during the two-day workshop.                            Suitable teaching notes will be provided along with individual appraisal.

One of Australia’s leading painters in the watercolour medium,  Ross is recognised internationally and is often invited to exhibit in various international biennial shows, particularly in China and in Europe.     With more than 200 major awards to his credit and works in collections both nationally and internationally, Ross is in constant demand for his Tutorials throughout Australia, China, Europe and New Zealand and he has been invited to exhibit on numerous occasions in International Biennials. His Work was awarded at the Shanghai Biennial in 2012-an”Award of Excellence” His works have been published in many books worldwide, and he has a DVD on Watercolour painting.       An artist who often paints “Plein air”, and with extensive knowledge and experience in art education, he is able to impart concisely and generously for hobby painters through to the experienced artists with a desire to extend themselves to a higher level in their art.!  He is a member of various prominent art societies,{ e.g.  Australian Watercolour Institute-Sydney ;  Twenty Melbourne Painters Society. [both by invitation]

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