Learn how to paint quick and expressive watercolours with fewer brush strokes. Working with large size brushes (sizes 12 or 16) adding shape against shape stroke by stroke and almost never going over same area twice and in the process, leaving large areas of paper untouched. Our aim will be to create atmosphere rather than strictly copy the subject matter by using a limited palette, oversimplifying shapes and avoiding adding too many details .To broaden our skills, we will learn how to paint people and animals. Starting with a very basic pencil sketch and later throughout the course, no pencil at all, painting directly with brush . This approach is fun, rather quick and gives painting that fresh and spontaneous look.

Tony Belobrajdic was born in Croatia in 1958. He studied Architecture and Engineering in Croatia, moved to New York in 1987 where he was painting and group-exhibiting in water based mediums. Since 1988 he is living and working as a freelance Artist and Illustrator in Sydney Australia. Self taught artist specialising in Watercolours but also working in other mediums. Tony travels and paints overseas regularly and teaches Watercolour classes and conducts Workshops for beginner to advanced level at several Sydney art Schools.In past few years he was awarded several first prizes for Watercolours.
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