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The first marks you make are the cleanest and surest simply because they are made without hesitation. Create imagery
with a free and dynamic approach. Explore acrylics to it’s full potential. Learn how to make paintings from layered colour, using a variety of brushes to achieve interesting brushstrokes. Explore various ways in which you can build a convincing sense of space in your paintings using contrast and the sky. Explore the use of textured surfaces to create poetic paintings. Class demonstrations will be given as well as handout notes and colour photographs. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographs or drawings to create individual works.

Catherine is a Sydney (FRAS) based artist who has been exhibiting professionally for 25 years in commercial galleries and
art shows. She has won numerous awards and her works have been used in art publications and purchased by government organisations. Catherine studied at the National Art School in Sydney and later extended her studies at UTS obtaining a Teaching Degree. Part of her development in the visual arts culture has been to study at the Julian Ashton Art School, as well as the study of traditional and ethnic art practices in Europe, U.S.A. and South East Asia. She is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society and council member. Although much of Catherine’s formal study has exclusively concentrated on oils, her continually developing personal style in the visual arts has embraced the fluent and immediate effects of water based media. Her paintings are drawn from the visual experience of life on a sensory and emotional level. She has a solid foundation in plein air painting and attends regular life drawing groups. Catherine describes her own artistic style as oscillating between figurative and abstraction and much of her work subscribes to this notion. In the moment when colour, shapes and marks begin to interact, the painting takes on a life of its own reflecting the artist’s observations, experiences and imagination.

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