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Students will paint, brush in hand, from the first moment to the last. I believe the way to learn is to run flat out. There will be stumbles and from time to time. You may fall over, but you pick yourself up and go again, wiser for the experience. That is how to tackle this medium. It needs boldness and a preparedness to make mistakes – that is how we learn. There will be challenges but along the way we will have fun, another essential ingredient for learning. 

John has been a professional artist since 1971. Trained as a perspective artist he has over the years developed his interest in watercolour as a medium for expressive painting particularly well adapted for plein-air work. He believes in the fundamental importance of good drawing as well as knowing the rules of figurative painting before you go out and deliberately break them. Grounded in sound technical knowledge, John encourages his students to look for the mood and atmosphere in a picture rather than recording scenes with no emotion.


An experienced teacher and demonstrator. The watercolour tutor at The Royal Art Society, watercolour tutor at Mitchell School of Arts, Bathurst, Sturt Summer School, Mittagong, Paradise Courses, Fiji, and previously drawing           tutor in the architectural faculties of University of Newcastle, University of New South Wales and Interior Design School, Sydney College of the Arts. He is the author of three books, a regular exhibitor and award winner. A   collection of his architectural drawings is held in the State Library of NSW. He is represented by the Maunsell Wickes at Barry Stern Gallery in Paddington.

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