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Watch the nuances of Watercolour take you on a magical journey. The watercolour pigment will go slip sliding across the pure white surface of the Yupo, weave its magic on the finely woven canvas and create the wonder of the ocean waves on Aquaboard. While this method takes on a life of its own you the creative artist contain and manipulate it to form the subjects of your choice. You will see the intense colour of the pigments mixing themselves together swirling around and be shown by Demonstration on all three surfaces, how to control it into your specific design with different methods and techniques as well as mediums. Working flat on this unique synthetic Yupo surface and on an adjustable easel for the WC Canvas & Aquaboard. Julie will guide you on how to lay down the watercolour and it will open new and exciting possibilities for you to experiment and develop your own artworks. You will have a wide choice of subject matter ranging from Floral, Riverscapes/Landscapes/Seascapes, Birds and Still Life. If you don’t have your own favorite photo’s) to work with, Julie will have plenty to choose from. With Julie’s easy-going nature and encouragement, you will be guaranteed to have a fabulous workshop and be shown exciting & creative ways to push and pull the watercolour medium to a new and unexplored level. Experience a lot of fun during this amazing week. Remember you are only limited by your own imagination.            

Julie Goldspink.: Visual Artist: Julie is a multi - award winning artist who travels throughout Australia doing Workshops and Demonstrations. Her preferred medium is watercolour but also works in oil and acrylic, mixed media, collage and pastels.  The subject matter she covers is landscapes, seascapes, riverscapes, flowers and still life and describes herself as a Realist Impressionist. Self-taught from an early age her formal education came later. It includes Fine art studies at T.A.F.E., ten years at Mitchell College Summer /Winter Schools studying watercolour and portraiture, C.S.U. B.A. Majoring in Fine Arts and Textiles. Accomplishments include having held solo and combined Exhibitions and exhibited in many major Exhibitions. Julie has fifteen years’ experience as a teacher/demonstrator and is a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute and a Fellow of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists. For more information log onto DVD’s and Art Tours ARTICLES (Australian Artist Magazine MARCH,NOV,& DEC 2016) JAN & DEC 2018)JAN 2019) Artist Palette Issue 144) YOUTUBE Colour In Your Life

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