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In this workshop I will endeavour to show you a totally new approach and technique to painting the wonders of wildlife. With the use of water based mediums I will show you how to not only paint feathers and fur but to paint attitude, character and a photo realistic approach to your subject. This will enable you to position your subject and paint the surrounding habitat and give it a photo realistic look. Your work will eventually resemble what you see when you look through a camera lens and you will achieve depth of field and a clarity of subject. Composition is the main attribute to any painting and I will give you guidelines how to achieve this. It’s a fun course and in the five days you will be amazed at what you will produce with this new process. This course is not daunting and from numerous workshops the students have been thrilled and uplifted with this new approach to wildlife art. The backgrounds and the props of wildlife art are important when you are painting realism and the airbrush technique used in the backgrounds will enhance your work. This course is enthralling, exciting and totally fulfilling……I will show you that painting nature can be fun.

Paul was born in August in 1945 in Melbourne. As a child he loved to draw but had no formal art training. After much research into ornithology and self-taught efforts he eventually won first prize in the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia. Paul was included in a book launch in 1990 featuring 70 of the best living traditional artists in Australia. Four years later he had his first book published on his art. AP commissioned him in 1991 to do a water bird series of stamps and he was subsequently commissioned by the U.N. to do an endangered species series. Paul has had solo exhibition in London, Japan, 6 shows in America and 2 at Raffles Hotel in Singapore. He became the first Australian wildlife artist to exhibit in Hong Kong. His second book has just been released and his passion for painting is never ending.

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