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Day 1 - “EXPLAINING MATERIALS USED IN WATERCOLOUR PAINTING” - It is difficult to obtain a great result in watercolour if incorrect materials handicap you. Our first lesson will provide an explanation of the materials required to produce and convey great watercolour messages to those that view the finished painting. Understanding Paper, Brushes, Pigment, and how to use them will be the theme. You will paint today as well! – and go home with a wonderful watercolour – or two! Day2 - “WATERCOLOUR FOR THE TERRIFIED” - Designed for those who find Watercolour a daunting proposition! Today will provide you with the necessary foundational skills to paint beautiful watercolours. Areas covered will be wet in wet, wet in damp, dry brush, edges, temperature, tonal evaluation, subject matter, and shapes. You might be terrified at the start, - but you will be “TERRY – FIED” when you finish this session having painted some great watercolours! Day 3 - “INTEGRATING BUILDINGS AND LANDSCAPES” - Covers perspective, composition, painting into the light, and painting with back lighting. Moments from Dawn to Dusk, how to paint from differing vantage points integrating buildings, animals and figures into your landscapes. Day 4 - “INTERIORS, TEXTURES, AND LIGHT” - Covers one of the most avoided subjects in watercolour, “the interior”. Light is a major consideration, so how to paint the right edges in the right circumstance will be demonstrated and explained. How to paint different textures will also be covered. Day 5 - “SEASCAPES, BOATS, AND OTHER NAUTICAL STUFF” - Subjects covered will be Water, Waves, Reflections, Boats, Harbours, Sand, Shells, Headlands, Sunny, Stormy, and Cloudy Days. People on the beach, umbrellas, etc., etc., etc.…Weather permitting; there will be opportunity to paint “Plein Air” outdoors as well.

Terry Jarvis is one of Australia’s exceptional Watercolour Artists. His passion for his craft and his love for the wonderful medium of Watercolour is revealed through his varied subject matter ranging from magnificent Australian scenes, to paintings of his travels which include The Greek Islands, Tuscany – Italy, Finland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, etc. He is a much sought after Tutor across the Globe in Watercolour. He is a regular Tutor across Australia each year, his Exhibitions are always a great success, and he exhibits in most capital Cities across the Nation. He is an award winner in his chosen field and his work hangs in collections in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, the UK, U.S.A., Finland, Northern Ireland, Italy, and many other Countries around the World. He has written Feature articles for Australian Artist Magazine, The Artist Magazine – U.K., and is a featured Artist in 2 books, “The New Encyclopedia of Watercolour Techniques”, and “Watercolour Secrets”, both London Publications.

Terry conducts International Painting Tours for many organizations each year and has just completed a successful tour last year in Greek Islands/Tuscany/ In the footsteps of Monet tour in France/The U.K. and was part of an exceptional exhibition in Dalian, China, showcasing some of the best work of Australian Watercolour Artists.

Terry Loves the challenges that every Watercolour brings, to catch the light, to capture that special moment in time, to discover that Watercolour is forever your master in all of its nuances, its edges, its flow across a page that delights the heart.

It will always be a privilege to paint with this wonderful medium. Enjoy!

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