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Why are you frightened? Just get stuck in. It is only paper and paint and water. Just do it!

In this workshop we will focus on bringing you out of your comfort-zone and into the world of loose, vibrant, fresh and free-flowing watercolours. Lose the rigidity that has been plaguing your work. A fresh approach means that your watercolours will come to life. Your inhibitions gone and your own artistic flair will come to the fore.

Applying the paint with purpose, while ensuring we take care of the essentials such and composition and tone, you will leave this workshop with a new-found confidence and attitude towards this fantastic medium.

Let’s create art, NOT decoration.

Tony White is a Watercolour Artist from Newcastle, Australia. He has established a great following with collectors and students alike. His work has been sold as far afield as Germany and the U.K. His social media following is gaining momentum and with over 10,000 Facebook followers, he is hitting his stride around the world. His style is traditional impressionistic landscape with a strong emphasis on light and atmosphere.
“I am inspired by light. Even in the most innocuous of scenes, if the light is dramatic and the mood is misty or sharp or rainy, then I’m in! I have a natural aversion to bright colours. I believe a painting should move you emotionally and if you have to explain it, then it isn’t doing its job”.

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